Friday, October 17, 2008

My mom, dad and I took the kids to New Orleans last weekend, and went to the new Audubon Institute museum called "Insectarium", and it was fabulous!! The butterfly exhibit was huge, and it was my favorite part. If you're a butterfly lover (Charlotte Cramer, I'm talkin' to you, sistuh!), you've got to check this out! Anyway, we had a blast walking around Jackson Square admiring the art, eating at Cafe du Monde and just people watching. I love that part of the Quarter! Oh, there is a gift shop at the museum (of course!!), and I found the perfect sign for my scrap room. I've been wanting a sign for a while, but didn't want anything cheesy like "Mom's ScrapShack", "the ScrapCave", etc. Let me know how you like this one!!! :) Have a great weekend! Gil and I are headed back to New Orleans (just us, no little ones!) until Sunday. Sorry, Jenny Craig, I'll catch ya later!


Tina said...

Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen. Why not flaunt it.

Mary said...

Jeanne, you ARE the queen, so why not have a sign that indicates it! I so enjoy keeping up with you and your life via your blog, and Savannah enjoys seeing pics of Caroline! (When she takes them!)