Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's been a crazy-busy weekend! Caroline had 3 soccer games (hurricane makeups), Jack & Anna both had birthday parties to attend & Gil's on call. BUT! I stayed up until 3 am scrappin to my heart's content. I am posting a new layout that I created with the new Imaginisce line from Treasured Memories called "Fairest of them All" - it's so cute! It's all princesses and castles and little blue birds and hearts . . . perfect for the princess in your life. I guess that I felt like trying to break out of my mold, because this page is a little different for me. I love symmetry and balance, and this page is a little less visually organized than most. It was really fun to make, which is the whole point, after all!

Still doin' the Jenny Craig thing. Today is Day 6. I go in tomorrow for a weigh-in and to pick up meals & snacks for the next week. We were at a bbq last night and I was feeding Matthew a hotdog, and it was really hard not to yank that sucker right out of his hands. But I stayed strong, and didn't have a hot dog or a burger or cake or ice cream. Or chips. My britches are already starting to feel not as tight, so I guess I'm heading in the right direction. I want to see the scale move in a downward direction. I'll let ya know!

I'm taking an on-line design class sponsored by Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's called "Design Your Life", and so far, it is awesome!! It's $99, and I think the class will span a 12-week period. All about the principles of design and what makes a layout pleasing to the eye. All that symmetry stuff that makes me so darn happy! I think that you can still register until the 8th if you're interested. Check it out at It's so cool!!


Charlotte Cramer said...

OH WOW Jeanne!!!! I love love this Layout!!!! I love those little birds at the bottom too!!!

I am so happy for you about Jenny Craig!!!! I am trying to eat healthy too!!!!!!

Heather Bares said...

Love the layout Jeanne. Isn't that whole line the cutest thing you have ever seen???? Yep, me too on the eating healthy thing, I am trying. I do really well sometimes and other times, the Twinkies win, lol.