Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jack turned six yesterday, so we had a birthday party last night with lots of food, fun and family. The birthday gods must have been smiling down upon him, because Jack scored lots of loot, including a super-cool pirate ship, shiny blue scooter and lots of Star Wars goodies. When I was tucking him into bed, I asked him if he'd had a good birthday. His response? "I guess so, even though I didn't get many toys." ???

Caroline Margaret played her first soccer game yesterday as part of the Catholic High team, and scored a goal in the first half. I was so dang proud! I have no athletic ability whatsoever, can hardly walk in a straight line, and this kid is awesome! Do I sound like a proud Mommy?? Can't help it! :)

I'm hoping to post a photo of a new scrapbook page soon, I've been busy painting my scraproom a rather bright shade of pear green. Have a great day, and please check back soon!


Charlotte Cramer said...

He is too cute Jeanne!!! That cake looks so good too!!!!
Congrats on the "goalie" too!!!

Heather Bares said...

awwwwww, happy birthday to him and congrats to her for her score!