Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just a quick little post to say Merry Christmas! Hope that everyone had a beautiful, peaceful Christmas. We were so fortunate, we were able to spend time with both my side of the family and Gil's. The kids had a blast seeing all of their cousins and we enjoyed seeing family we don't often see. One thing that I noticed: the kids are all getting so big! Sob! We spent a really quiet day at home with the kids today. Just me and Gil and our little ones. They were all excited about their loot from Santa, which made for a day with very little sibling conflict. :)

Sorry that I didn't post the winner of the Clip-it-Up last night - I was really busy - so, here we go! The winner of the super-cool, two-tiered Clip-it-Up is . . . TINA!! I see Tina every now and then croppin at Treasured Memories and we always have a nice little visit. So Tina, please email me your address (, and I'll get this sucker right out to you. I am leaving really early tomorrow morning and won't be back until Jan. 1, but once I'm back I'll mail it out. This concludes my series of give-aways. Thanks so, so much to everyone who left a comment, and thanks to everyone who checks out my blog. I am grateful!

My mom-in-law invited me and my monkeys on a ski trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado, so we're hopping on a plane tomorrow morning. We'll be playing in the snow by tomorrow afternoon (if all goes according to plan, I should say!). I'm taking Caroline, Anna & Jack. At 2 1/2 years old, Matt is too little to ski and really too young to do much of anything in the snow. I've never left him for this long before (6 days!), and I miss him already. I know that he's in good hands with his Granny and PawPaw, but my heart aches all the same. Gil will be hunting with his dad in San Antonio, so I'll be managing my three oldest on my own. Wish me luck!! It ought to be interesting, that's for sure!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Tina. This was fun Jeanne. Have a safe trip. Happy New Year!

Heather Bares said...

Congrats Tina!!!!

Tina said...


I received my Clip It Up. Thank you, thank you for your generosity. I can't wait to use.