Monday, February 9, 2009

On a roll . . .

Here are two new layouts that I completed this morning. The first one is Week Four of Project 365. Pretty much more of the same. I plan to change things up once I get into the month of February. I might use the free downloads from Becky Higgins' website, just to get my weeks completed a little bit quicker. We'll see!

I love this second layout! I based it off of one of my own sketches. My new favorite size picture . . . 3X3!! You can fit so many photos on one layout!! And my little Epson PictureMate will print in 3X3, so trimming your photos down is a breeze. I took all of these photos Friday afternoon after school (our favorite day of the week, thank you very much). We were just hanging out in the yard, not rushing. The kids were on and off of their bikes and ride-ons, kicking the soccer ball around and just relaxing after a hectic week. This layout will go in Jack's book, that's why he appears in so many of the pictures. For anyone who hasn't noticed, I am on a brown kick. And a puffy Thickers kick. I'll try to diversify on my next layout!

Have any of you tried the Glue Glider Pro?? I love it!!! I've been using it on everything lately. The adhesive goes on super-easy and sticks like crazy! And it's so cute and pink and green!

Been taking tons of pictures with my sweet new camera (Nikon D-90). It has so many cool features that my D-70 doesn't. Example: there's an automatic setting that allows you to take pictures without the flash popping up, even in low light. I love that!! Before, I was constantly holding down my flash. The more I use it, the better I like it!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope everyone has a great day! :)


Brandy Romero said...

I love all your layouts, they are so crisp and clean!

Tag - I have something on my blog for you that I thought you would enjoying doing.

Charlotte Cramer said...

Gorgeous Jeanne!!!! I love love love love love your sketches!!!!!!!!!

Heather Bares said...

Jeanne, your sketches are adorable!!! I love how you draw your little people in them, so cute! Glad you are loving your new camera too!

Anonymous said...

Very cool project 365 layouts. I love how you put it all together. Another great layout with your handsome little man. Love your blog.