Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Sorry for the slow posts lately. We're right in the middle of soccer/softball/dancing, and things have been hectic.

The leprechauns found our house once again, and left gold (chocolate) coins in the kids' shoes last night. In their haste, they were apparently only able to find one of Jack's slippers, but it all worked out! Matthew kept saying "Why there chocolate in my shoe?". :)

Over the Mardi Gras break, my sister and I took our kids to spend the day in Girard Park in Lafayette. I got a bunch of cute shots, and my plan is to make a layout for each of them. But I tend to get bored when using the same photos over and over, so for now I'll post the first two pages. When inspiration strikes, I'll post the others. :) Oh, the shot of Matthew? That's what I get whenever I say "Smile for me, Buddy!". Monkey! :)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh. We just took a bunch of pics of the kids at Girard Park. I can't wait to scrap them.your layout is pretty pretty pretty!I love the beauty and simplicity in your pages. I also love when you post your adorable sketches along with them????hint hint. LOL

Heather Bares said...

very cute layouts!!!! love the idea of chocolate in the shoes too!!!

Troy said...

i remember last year the lep.s found their shoes and i thought that was the cutest idea. where do you think that funny little lep. found the choc. coins....love this idea! haven't seen you in awhile...we need to crop!

Charlotte Cramer said...

My mom used to do that for St. Nicks!!!!! I like this idea and will try it next year!!!!!
I love going to Giroud Park for photos!!!! Awesome shots and layout!!!!! :)