Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi There!

Well, dear blog readers, I am sorry for leaving you hanging for the last week. I have been out of my scrapbooking groove!!! I've started a couple of new layouts, then put them aside because I just wasn't feeling them. I'm starting something new in a minute, so I hope that in a couple of days I'll have something worthy of all of you to share!

In May, Anna finished 3rd grade at St. Edward School, which means that she had to move to the upper campus at Catholic High. St. Edward is such a wonderful, loving place - I always say it's like a warm hug - and there was a beautiful closing mass to send off the 3rd graders. As it happens, my sister was a third grade teacher at SES (she's now moved down to Pre-K) and asked me if I could make a banner for the alter. Why, of course I could! Finally, someone recognizes my talent! ;) So anyway, here are a few pictures of the banner. Does anyone recognize the people?? Or the feet cut on a Cricut?? I didn't do the title, just the feet and the people!

Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog! :) You are all amazing!


Susan said...

How great, Jeanne-----you took pics! This was a cute banner!

Heather Bares said...