Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back from the Beach!

We got back from Gulf Shores on Wednesday evening. It wasn't our typical beach trip due to the yucky, sticky, black tar balls everywhere, but we still managed to have a fun time. We did lots of swimming in the indoor and outdoor pools, went souvenir shopping (Gil bought a really obnoxious Hawaiian shirt), and ate lots of great food. Here are a few pictures of the fun!

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We had a small birthday gathering for Matt a few days before we left for the beach. Once he'd opened all of his gifts, Gil and I told him that there was a big surprise outside. Here's a picture of Matt and Jack riding on the big surprise!

The renovations to our "new" house continue. We have the best contractor ever! Here is a shot of the staircase (we yanked out the old one because it was hideous).

You may remember me mentioning my MawMaw B. in previous posts. She is 95 years old (will be 96 in September!), lives independently and is sharp as a tack. She loves when I bring pictures of the kids for her to keep. I made her a quick little seashell album, and she loved it! I'd like to say that the idea for the shell cover is my own, but I actually bought the front and back covers together with the rings as a kit. Anyway, here are a few pictures!

Hope that you have a great week! Thanks for visiting!


Susan said...

The little shell album is so cute!

Wendy said...

Love Love Love reading your post! I want to come see your home before the renovations are all done and then after! I need your contractors name...we would like to add on. Your pics. are great!