Sunday, February 24, 2008

All four kids went to sleep at Gil's parents' house in Scott tonight, and Gil's on-call, so I have been up in my scrap room all night just having the best time. I have been obsessed with my Cricut lately and just got a couple of new cartridges that I can't wait to play with (Paper Doll Dress Up and Accent Essentials). I got an email this week from an on-line store (can't remember which one, sorry!) and it was letting customers pre-order a bunch of new cartridges that were awesome! I hadn't seen them before, so I was all excited. Maybe it was Oh My Scrap (Gil would say "all my crap"), it's late and I can't remember. The site said that the cartridges would be available in April. I pre-ordered a couple of shapes and one alpha. I have my ipod blaring "Journey" right now - can you tell I was a teenager in the 80's?? "Faithfully" and "Send Her My Love". I realize that I am rambling, the fatigue is getting to me. Caroline had two soccer games today and I had to run after Matthew most of the time trying to a) keep him out of the mud and b) keep him from running out of the park. Our second Design Team meeting is this week; I am so excited! I am almost done with my first assignment, I'll post it when it's done. If I don't go to bed soon, I may end up sleeping with my head on my desk in here, so good night, sleep tight!

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Charlotte Cramer said...

You are hilarious!! I love Journey!!!! I can't wait to see your project for the DT!!! See ya Wednesday!!! :)