Saturday, August 29, 2009

I told y'all I'd try, so here it is. My second layout in two days! Oh, how do y'all like the new Thickers?? They're gorgeous! They're also available in black, yellow and blue, I think. I couldn't wait to use them. Caroline was kind enough to "allow" me to take her picture on the first day of school - she's really been much better about picture taking lately - and when I got the Thickers, I knew they were perfect for this layout! I remember myself in 7th grade, and this girl is (thankfully!) so much more confident than I ever was. Makes me happy to see!

I hope to be back with a new layout in a couple of days, THANKS AGAIN, so much, for stopping by! Have a fabulous weekend! :)


christie Trahan said...

I can only wish my first day of school layouts were done! Love the thickers and the layout is sweet.

Wendy said...

i second christie's comment. i need to get my 1st day done asap...normally I'd already have it done...i'm falling behind and work starts next week!

Heather Bares said...

love it!