Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello and happy Monday to you! So far today, I've gotten my 3 oldest off to school and made a Starbucks run, and now I'm here with you. :) Finished a really busy (for me, anyway) layout yesterday, and in the process, I realized something. I enjoyed all the "stuff"! I had fun putting all the flowers and birds and butterflies together. So who knows, maybe I'll shift towards the "more is more" philosophy of scrapbooking. Stranger things have happened! :)


Susan said...

I want time for a Starbucks run in the morning!!! Maybe one day! You are right this is a busy layout for you, but I absolutely love it!!

Heather Bares said...

I am loving this!!! very out of the ordinary for you but very beautiful!

Melissa Fournet said...

hey j,
love, love, love his l/o! I see that you are still going outside the box! Your Rock!!

hope to see ya soon