Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm back again, friends, with a layout so new that the Scrappy Glue is still wet. I love these photographs of Caroline and me, and I love Heidi Grace and I love Prima flowers, so the combination of the three is making me really happy about now. Not sure about the font I chose, but Matthew is ready for a nap, so I had to make a quick choice. May play around with the font another time.

I've never used my blog for political reasons, but for those of you who saw the news this morning, I am including a little something for you.

Ode to Bobby Jinal, Governor of Louisiana

Bobby, we've loved you since way back when
you vowed to heal our state's ailing health care system

We voted you in to be our Gov
but Louisiana doctors are not feeling the love

Medicaid reimbursements you've chosen to cut
You're kicking our doctors right in the butt

What can we do?
Probably not vote for you
when your 1st term is finally through.

So Bobby, or Piyush, whichever you choose
we don't appreciate this bit of news
In fact, many physicians now have the blues.

Pay doctors fairly for their work!
Please Bobby, don't be a jerk!

Our state's budget problems should not be fixed
by cutting pay to physician supporters who are now feeling tricked.

I know, I know, it's a work of art. My talents are many. ;)


Heather Bares said...

love the layout!

Lisa F. Hebert said...

the layout is gorgeous.

christie Trahan said...

Love the black and white pictures with the colorful flower and paper. Looks so neat right up my alley!!!!