Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's a rainy Saturday here in New Iberia, Louisiana, and I am packing up to head to New Orleans for the Journey concert tonight. Just me, Gil, Caroline and my sister's boy Pete. I can't wait! It should be a blast! Gotta get my little ones off to Granny's house safe and sound, so I am simultaneously bathing kids, packing for kids and doing laundry. I know that you can relate!

Finished the second page of "Me, the Abridged Version", so I'm posting it here for you, along with my "a" page, since I added in the heretofore missing photo. My next post will most likely not be related to this project, for those of you who like a little variety.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - stay dry! :)

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tiffany said...

i love this a-z thing! great idea! and it looks so fun!