Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me, the Abridged Version

Are any of you taking the "Me, the Abridged Version" class by Cathy Zielske at Big Picture Scrapbooking? I am, and I love it! The idea of the project is to complete an album that is all about you at this particular point in time. You have to have topics that are meaningful to you for each letter of the alphabet, with photos to support the story. I've been doing the prep-work for the last couple of days, and just finished my very first page (well, almost. I didn't like the photo I originally planned on using, so for now it's blank). Like most of you, I'm sure, my scrapbooking subjects are my children. There are only a handful of layouts about me in my ten years' worth of albums. When this project is complete, there will be an entire 8.5X11 scrapbook about me and the things that make me tick. If you've never taken an on-line class at Big Picture, you should consider it! It's a kick! Have a great, happy day!

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