Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's a Better Day

Hey there, I'm back with a super-quick post. I have to pick up my 3 oldest from school in just a few minutes, so I'm rushing right along. Have y'all seen the butterfly paper I used on this layout in stores? I think it's by K&Co., and it's gorgeous! It's a sheet of 12X12 paper, covered with these punch-out butterflies. I couldn't wait to use it! Hope you like!

We are picking up Ginger-Kitty from the vet this afternoon. Apparently, he has an injury to his sinus cavity, and is on a high dose cortisone. We are so thankful that it wasn't more serious.

Gil's 38th birthday is today, so we have a fancy dinner at home planned. I'm cooking all of his favorites - wish me luck, I'm not known for my culinary skills! :)


Heather Bares said...

I have that paper and LOVE IT!!! I haven't used it yet, but I hope to soon!!!

Donna VW said...

So glad to hear kitty is okay.

Melissa Fournet said...

gotta just LOVE those butterflies!! I haven't used mine yet but can't wait!

can't wait to see YOUR album!!!