Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Fall, Y'all!

Hello, my beautiful blog readers. I've really been missing y'all!

It's finally starting to feel like fall here in the Deep South. The weather has been gorgeous for the last week, with highs in the 70's and much lower humidity. Ah, heaven!

I've been working on a few minor scrapbooking projects lately. Here's a page that I made about Matt's first few weeks in Pre-K. I love to include my kids' original artwork whenever I can. Check out the school bus! Isn't it cute?

I channeled my inner Cathy Zielske on this page about Matt's soccer team. Cathy, if you happen to read this, I hope that you won't be offended by my insufficient attempt to capture your greatness!

This one is just a quick, simple page about Anna and her heart-shaped toast. This kid is happiest with the littlest of things. When I cut her toast into hearts, she was thrilled! :)

My sweet grandmother, Margaret Fournet Bienvenu, a.k.a. "Maw-Maw B.", celebrated her 96th birthday on September 16th. 96th! She's in incredible shape - super sharp, classy dresser, gets her hair done every Friday and serves cocktails every Sunday at noon. We're so blessed to have her with us! I took this picture of Maw-Maw and Caroline at the party. :)

Gil also had a birthday in September. He turned 39 on the 22nd. Here he is with his cake and all four kids. I love this picture!

Right before his birthday, Gil decided it was time for a new truck. This is his third black Ford truck in a row. Gotta love a man who knows what he likes! I took this picture of he and Caroline in our driveway with his new ride.

Matthew was chosen to be the student of the week in his Pre-K class recently, which meant that Edward the Panda got to spend a week at our house. Matt was beyond excited! Edward slept in Matt's bed every night of his visit.

Now that the weather is so much nicer, we've been spending more time at the blue house. It's still under construction, so we mostly hang out in the yard.

Jack likes to swing on the rope swing.

Anna takes Bitsy, our chihuahua puppy, for lots of walks.

The boys ride the Gator (yes, I get nervous when they're close to the bayou)

When Jack and Matt are otherwise occupied, Anna gets her turn to swing.

We're still hoping to be in by the end of the year. It's coming along - we now have windows, but still no doors, a/c, bathrooms, etc.

I've been making the banners for St. Edward's Friday morning masses. I love this project! The theme for the year is "BE", and each banner represents the religion lesson for the week.

This one was "Be Autumn" - as the leaves change color, we should look inside ourselves and find ways to change for the better.

"Be Yourself" - God wants us to be the unique individuals we were born to be.

"Be Harvested" - like the farmers who trust that God will provide sun and rain for their crops, we should have faith that God will provide whatever we need to thrive and grow.

"Be Like Katie" - St. Edward School was founded by St. Katherine Drexel. We should be like Katie and give of ourselves to help children everywhere, especially the poor.

Our local scrapbook store, Treasured Memories, re-opens next Saturday, October 9th in a new location after being closed for several months. I can't wait! Janet and Wendy, get ready, cause I'm comin'!

That's it for now! Enjoy the fall weather, and thanks for stopping by and visiting with me. :)


tiffany said...

i love your blog. i love your family. and i miss you guys! your blog makes me feel like i live down the street!

Susan said...

Beautiful layouts and photos! I hope to get some scrappy time in soon. I have not done one layout since school started:( Thanks for sharing!!

Tina said...

I just love your work! Glad you're posting again.

Wendy Reaux said...

Girl, your pictures are so beautiful! Love every one of them! Love your layouts and I can't believe all the work you put into those banner things. Wow! See you soon, I know you can't wait for the store to open up, I can't wait either. I haven't started on Dax's PreK stuff, but I can't wait! Loved your PreK layout!