Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello! We Pellerins have been busy as usual since my last post. Jackson and Matthew are both playing soccer for the first time this fall, and are having lots of fun. Gil and I are having a blast watching their games and cheering them on. Seeing the younger kids play is really a kick!

I managed to complete one and a half scrapbook pages in the last little while. You'll have to check back for the rest of the pink page! ;) Anna got her school picture back last week, and I liked it so much that I wanted to use it on a page right away. I love the new loopy border punch! It's by Martha Stewart and I got it at Michael's. Can't wait to get more pages done soon!!! When I can't scrapbook, I go crazy!

Took a trip to New Orleans with Gil a week ago. I think it was our best New Orleans get-away yet! Usually, when we're in New Orleans, it's for a conference or wedding or something along those lines. Lots of things to do and places to be. This time, we had no plans whatsoever, except to relax and enjoy! It was rainy all weekend, so we stayed in and napped and ordered room service, two of my favorite things!

We did get out of the hotel to eat at some of our favorite restaurants (Brennan's, The Rib Room and Galatoire's), and we went to Harrah's so that Gil could play blackjack. I'm not much of a gambler, but I did put $10 in a slot machine to pass time while Gil played cards. After I'd spent $3, I got crazy-lucky and won $1,000!!!! Woohoo!!!! I've never won that much money, ever in my life! So I thought that the return on my 3 bucks was pretty decent. ;)

I made another banner for St. Edward's Mass last Friday. The theme was "Be Helpful". I love all the kids holding hands! I thought they looked sweet. :)

Our blue house is coming right along. We now have primed sheetrock throughout the first floor! Woohoo! I finally chose tile for Caroline and Anna's bathroom. I wanted something young and fun, because they're young and fun!

Isn't it pretty? :)

Have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by!

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