Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello, my precious blog readers! I can't believe that I haven't had a new post in such a long time. I am sorry, sorry, sorry!

I don't usually do much scrapbooking in December because it's such a crazy-busy month. But I did manage to squeeze in a couple of layouts before things got too chaotic. The first is from Christmas 2009. The page design is by Cathy Zielske. It's clean and simple and I love it! The second page is something I put together kinda quick. I used the candle from Jack's cake in the title, which is the most interesting thing about this page. It was fairly boring to make, but considering all I had going on, it's a minor miracle that I got it done at all!

I love to make decorated gift bags for Christmas. This year, I made several using my new(ish) Cricut Imagine. It prints and cuts, and is so much fun! It doesn't replace the original Cricut machines, but it is a cool addition to their line.

We spent Christmas night at my sister's house. Her husband makes the best seafood gumbo every year! Anyway, we took family pictures after dinner, and here is ours. You'll notice that I am holding my head in an odd position. I was trying to hide my double chin, but it didn't work out. Aside from the weird head tilt, I really like the picture. I love my precious family!

I love Christmas morning at our house! The kids come racing down the stairs like they're on fire, and then we spend the longest time enjoying Santa's bounty. Everyone was happy with their loot, which made Gil and I happy parents. Matt got a little red kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids. He saw one in the store in Metairie a couple of months ago and went berserk, so he was mighty happy to see it sitting in the den when he woke up!

Among other things, Caroline got a cool Harry Potter book that she really liked. She has enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies since she was 7!

Anna got a new American Girl doll that she hadn't even put on her list. Gotta love a Christmas surprise!

Jackie Boy got a b.b. gun, which is about the best gift an 8 year old boy in the south can hope for. He was one happy kid! He's been saving his happy meal toys and using them for target practice. :)

Here's what the tree looked like on December 24th. Wasn't it pretty? I love Christmas!

We went to Christmas Mass at St. Martin de Tours on Christmas Eve. I snapped a quick picture before we walked out the door. Didn't everyone look nice? All shiny and clean and dressed up!

Anna turned 11 (I know, I can't believe it either) on December 21st. She's my little Christmas baby! Here she is with her yummy cake (from Poupart's, of course).

After 18 months, Caroline got her braces off! Her teeth look bee-u-tee-ful! I took this photo of her and her orthodontist, Stacy St. Marie. If you're in the market for an awesome orthodontist in the Lafayette area, Stacy is your man!

Caroline turned 14 on December 11th, just a few days before the braces came off. Here she is with her cake, looking like a happy little birthday girl! Cher!

Jack turned 8 on November 22nd. See what I mean about my life being crazy around the holidays? Three of my four kids have holiday birthdays! Anyway, we had his party at the blue house. We rented a really cool dragon slide/obstacle course and had lots of his friends over. He had such a good time! I love this kid!

Well, I guess that's about it! Thank you for coming back to my blog, even though I've left you hanging for the last two months. ;)


Steve Finnell said...
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Tina said...

Glad you're posting again. Let's see pics of the Blue House.

Mike Smith said...

Lovely blog, and very nice pictures.