Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello Again!

You may have been wondering what we Pellerins have been up to lately. The answer is, lots and lots! Not much scrapbooking, sorry to say. All of my "free" time is spent at the blue house, tiling, painting, etc. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

In February, Caroline was a Jr. Maid in St. Martinville's Mardi Gras Ball. She was so beautiful! Her costume was made by my mom. Anyone who knows anything about Mardi Gras balls knows that costumes like these require hundreds of hours of meticulous handwork. So thanks, Granny, it wouldn't have happened without you!

Jack lost something recently. Two somethings, actually. His front teeth! He looked so doggone cute with his toothless smile! I've always made a point to take lots of pictures of my kids at this stage. It's so fleeting, but so precious!

My lil Anna-Banana decided recently that it was time for a change. When she was much younger, we decided to let her bangs grow out. For years now, Anna has sported the all-one-length look. Thanks to our favorite hairdresser, Gig at Clyde's, Anna is now looking mighty cute with her sassy new bangs! Sometimes a girl just needs a new look! ;)

Matt is finishing up his year as a Pre-K student. We have been so blessed to have a wonderful, loving teacher who, coincidentally, is my sister and Matt's aunt, Peggy, aka "Nanny Peg". Funny how that works, huh? ;) Anyway, Matt's class celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday recently. Here's a cute shot of Matt with the hat that he made in class. How adorable is this???

Lots of you have been asking for pictures of our progress at the blue house. Well, I'm happy to say that we are so close! I hope that I'm not jinxing myself, but we are currently working really hard to be in by June 1st. Do you hear that, contractors? June 1st! Of this year! So here are some pictures.

Here's Matt, posing proudly with his little red kitchen. This boy loves to "cook"! You may have noticed the runner on the floor. This is to keep the muddy boots of our contractors from messing up the fresh carpet.

The drawer pulls and knobs have been installed throughout the house. I love them!

Except for the floor, the living room is DONE! The walls are painted, the ceiling and trim have been stained and sealed. It came out so great! We are happy, happy, happy with the way this room is looking!

Lots of progress in the kitchen lately. We've been working hard on the slate floors. Slate is gorgeous, but a huge biotch to install. We will also be putting slate in the laundry room, pantry, carport entry hall, dining room and front door entry.

Anna's room is looking good. She chose the wall and trim colors herself! Isn't this butterfly mobil gorgeous? When the fan is on, the butterflies dance in the breeze!

I bought this lamp at Target last week. The shade was plain, so I added the flowers and the monogram. Anna wasn't terribly impressed, but I think it's cute!

This is Anna's desk area. It will probably turn into a vanity once she's older. I love the scalloped mirror!

I love, love, love the cabinets in our kitchen! They're cypress, and match the woodwork throughout the house. Here's a picture of the cabinet that houses my serving pieces. I love white! It matches everything, is inexpensive, so if something breaks, it's not a big deal to replace. I love to serve a meal to my family with food in bowls and platters at the table, instead of serving from the stovetop. Makes me feel all domestic! ;)

When you enter the house from the carport, there is an area on the left with cubbies for the kids booksacks and sports equipment. There are two rows of hooks for coats. Above the hooks are these gallery wraps of the kids that I took in Gulf Shores a couple of summers ago. I love this area! Our cabinet maker totally saw the same vision we did!

When the time came to choose kitchen light fixtures, I looked and looked and looked for just the right ones. I thought I wanted something Tiffany style, but never could find the one I was picturing in my head. Finally found these on Amazon. I ordered them on a Saturday and they were delivered the next Tuesday. They're so pretty!

All of this house-renovating bolognie stresses me out, so I've been focusing on the small but precious everyday happenings in my life. Like an unexpected day with my sweet nephew, Ben, whose imagination is as big as his smile.

Like sitting at the table with Matt while he enjoys his breakfast of chocolate milk and a PBJ, served on a Zoo Pals plate.

Like watching my neighbor's geese from my favorite backyard spot.

These are the things that bring calm to my heart. Anyone who's ever built or renovated a house knows that a calm heart can be hard to come by when you're in the thick of it!

Hope that everyone has a relaxing, peaceful weekend and Easter. Love, love, love to all of you, my beloved blog readers! :)


Tina said...

You sure have been busy! Your house is beautiful...can't wait to see your scrap room.

Wendy said...

You are doing a great job on your house- beautiful! I bet you can't wait to get back to scrapping....have to say you left off your s.b. room, can't wait to see pictures of that. I am slowly building me some units from michaels...very slowly...hahaha!