Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playa del Carmen

We're back from Mexico with pictures to share. We had a great time, and are all well rested, well fed, and a little more brown than when we left. The water was unbelievable - so many gorgeous shades of green and blue! It was definitely hard to leave after only one week.

Here's Miss Anna-Banana on the beach. She's 12 now and growing so fast!

I took this picture of Jack on a lifeguard stand that was kind of abandoned. We didn't see one lifeguard in seven days. Anyway, Jack is 9 and into the "peace" sign. He is such a sweet little nut!

Caroline and Gil were being so silly - he kept suggesting different poses, and she went with the flow. I snapped away, and this one is my favorite! I tried to edit out the ponytail holder on her wrist, but I made a big, hazy mess. Decided to just leave it alone until I've had more practice!

Our little Matthew! You would never know from this picture, but he was sick the entire vacation, with high fever and a horrible cough. I brought him to the doctor as soon as we got home, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Ugh! After three antibiotic shots, he is much better, thank God!

Normally, Gil is not interested in being photographed. When he does agree to be in a picture, he rarely smiles. Imagine my surprise and delight when he flashed this smile! I swear, this man gets better looking every day. Not fair, not fair!

I saved my absolute favorite for last. We wanted a picture that included all six of us, so we asked a random lady on the beach to take one for us, and this is what she got. It's amazing! It's perfect! I am going to have this shot printed on a huge canvas to go on our mantel. Thanks, beach lady!

Last but certainly not least, Gil and I welcomed a new niece into the world on Thursday, July 12. Her name is Henley Olivia Pellerin, and she is pink and beautiful and perfect. Her proud mom and dad are Tiffany and Mitchell, and she has a big brother, Hudson, who is quite smitten. Welcome, sweet baby Henley. We love you!

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