Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I love practical things that have a whimsical touch. It's just more fun when ordinary things get a cute makeover. Luckily, I can indulge my love of all things adorable in my studio.

I keep a tape dispenser on each of my 4 work tables. This might seem like overkill, but my children "borrow" them frequently, so it's not unusual to look around for tape only to discover that it's disappeared. Here are my super-cute tape dispensers, all purchased on Amazon, except for the pink elephant - I got that one at Pottery Barn Kids.

These things are seriously cute!

I've been needing a pencil sharpener for a while now. My electric one from Walmart died, leaving me with dull lead. I guess that I could have just picked up another one at Walmart or Target. But why do that, when you can have a gem like this?

The best part is that none of these finds cost more than $15. Cheap and cute - what a great combo!

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