Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Life

I'm pretty sure that most of my blog readers know all about Project Life by Becky Higgins. In case you don't, here's a quick summary. Project Life is the brain child of Becky, a long-time scrapbook "celebrity". The idea is to make scrapbooking quick and easy, so that even the busiest of us can fit it into our lives.

Becky's products include everything you need to create an album, one week at a time, with no cutting, gluing, etc. Certainly, you can dress up the components in the kits, but you don't have to. Her page protectors are divided into sections. You simply slip your photos into the pockets, along with the provided journaling and decorative cards, stick them into an album, and voila, you're done. Her products can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, and will be available at Michael's in August. Amazon also carries the full Project Life line. Here is a picture of some of the products currently available.

I am working on a yearly album. I take a picture every day, for 365 days. At the end of the year, I will have compiled an incredible record, a time-capsule, of my family's day to day life. There are so many things that I've photographed for my album (mostly using my iPhone) that would have been otherwise forgotten. Things like my 6 year old's school shoes, a game of Scrabble with my kids, my oldest daughter with the puppy she adopted from the animal shelter, veggies from my husband's garden . . . these ordinary, every day things are what make life special! These are the things that I never want to forget. Through Project Life, I'm able to hang onto all of it!

While I am putting together an annual family album, some people use Project Life to document their baby's first year, or their child's first year in school. Several years ago, I gave my niece a kit the summer before her last year in high school so that she could have an album dedicated to her senior year. It's totally customizable.

Here are a few pages from my Project Life album. Some weeks include what I refer to as "inserts", which are just additional, smaller pages that allow me to include extra photos if something really noteworthy happened in a particular week.

Sorry that these pictures are dark. I was determined to get them up on the blog tonight, and the light in my studio isn't fantastic. I hope that you like them anyway!

There are other manufacturers who make Project Life-compatible journaling and art cards, and I use those as well as Becky's. My album is a mix of several different manufacturers. Some people prefer a consistent look. I like to mix it up!

I will share more weeks soon. Thanks for your interest in what I've done so far! :)

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