Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School 2013

Well, it was inevitable. The kids are all back in school. :( Now don't be mistaken - we are very fortunate to have wonderful Catholic schools here in New Iberia. I know that my babies are in the best of hands. It's just that we had such a great summer! We did lots of relaxing, lots of playing, and lots of nothing much. It was so good while it lasted . . . oh well, at least I got some sweet back to school photos this morning. Check 'em out!

Caroline is a Junior! I think she was making this squinty-eyed face to discourage my picture taking.

Anna is an 8th grader!

Jack is a 5th grader!

Matthew is a 2nd grader!

It's crazy how time is flying. Here is how they looked on their first days of Pre-K, in 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010.

Caroline, so excited, with a gift for her teacher. We Pellerins start sucking up early!

Anna, also with a teacher gift, was quite apprehensive.

Jack, my sweet little boy. He was totally clueless about what was coming!

My baby, Mattie-Moo, so happy to be in his Nanny Peg's Pre-K class.

Believe it or not, everyone got off to school this morning without a problem. Proper uniforms, haircuts, supplies, etc. It's kind of a miracle, really. I even made time yesterday to get the car cleaned so that the car line moms wouldn't call Child Protective Services or the Board of Health when they opened the door and saw a summer's worth of flipflops, potato chip bags, empty drink bottles, damp beach towels, etc. I'm breathing a sigh of relief at the moment.

Now that the kids are squared away, I'm hoping to spend some time being creative. As soon as I have something good to share, I'll be back. Until then, have a happy day! :)

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