Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stories of Home

Becky Higgins recently posted on her blog about a mini-album she is working on called "Stories of Home." The idea is to take pictures of the things in your house, write a little about them, and put them in an album so that years from now, the people who lived in that house (mom, dad, kids) can look back and remember details that would perhaps have been forgotten otherwise. It's a very do-able project that works much like Project Life. All you have to do it snap pictures, print them out, stick them in the page protectors with a bit of journaling. Becky even provides free digital art to get you started. I love projects like this!

Here's what mine looks like. I photographed the pages both inside and out, and these were the best I could do. If someone out there knows the trick to photographing page protectors, please share!

I made the red cards with the furniture silhouettes myself. You don't really need them, but I wanted something simple and cute to break up the photos and journaling. I cut out the shapes on my Silhouette Cameo, and just adhered them to 3x4 squares of red cardstock.

As I add more pages, I'll post them here for all to see.

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Aphra Bolyer said...

I really like this project, too. I have the mini, just need to take pics. I really like your color scheme and your idea of using the cameo to cut out icon shapes. :)

PS Welcome aboard at TSR!!!