Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back So Soon?

I've been lucky enough to spend a bit more time in the studio than usual, which means I have another layout to share with you. So you know that I love Cathy Zielske, right? In my book, she is the ultimate queen of design! If there is one person whose style "speaks" to me, it's hers. This is not a recent thing - I've been following her work for more than a decade. Anyway, Cathy's layouts are mostly 8.5x11. Mine? 12x12. So after all these years, it occurred to me yesterday that if I want my work to look more like Cathy's, perhaps I should try to create 8.5x11 layouts like she does. Wow. I've only been scrapbooking since 1999. My lightbulb moment sure took its time. I made a quick sketch, gathered up some cute new Halloween supplies by Pebbles, and voila, my Cathy Zielske-esq layout is complete! I'm really proud of it, too. I love how clean and linear it is. I wonder what Cathy would say?

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