Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Harvest

I'm not a big fan of stickers, at least as they pertain to scrapbooking. I find it much more enjoyable to create my own page accents. There is one company, however, whose stickers are so adorable that I just can't resist, and that company is Doodlebug Design Inc. Take, for example, their new Fall line, "Happy Harvest." The gorgeous jewel tones make me think of Sunday afternoon football games, Thanksgiving, and a break from South Louisiana's seemingly ever-present heat and humidity. When Doodlebug releases new product, you can bet I'll be buying!

We usually spend Thanksgiving with my parents in St. Martinville. There is always lots of family and amazing food. My mom and dad have a cypress swing in their backyard that is weathered and rustic, and perfect for my family of 6 to sit on for a group picture. I try to get a new one in that same spot each holiday. I recently gathered up my pictures from last year's turkey day gathering, a stack of beautiful new Doodlebug goodies, and put this page together.

Isn't it cute? I admit that I might have gone a little overboard with the stickers, but come on, how could I pass up that little orange fox?!

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