Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've been trying to sneak a little scrappin in here and there, and I managed to complete a layout this afternoon, so of course I am sharing it with you! It's all about the things that I think are pretty cool . . . I thought it would be interesting for my kids to look back on when they're older. It was fun thinking of all the things that I really like! This is only my third layout about myself in ten and a half years. Maybe I'll make a point of completing more pages about myself in the future. I did feel a bit selfish spending so much time thinking about myself, but I survived. ;)

The second layout is one that I completed at least a year ago, but never did post. It's a photo that I took of Matthew right when he came home from the NICU. He was still weeks away from his actual due date. I loved the photo so much that I wanted to do something special with it. The top and bottom borders were made with little metallic heart-shaped brads. I might make a few word strips with his length, weight and birth date to include on the bottom right. Still thinking about it!

Hope that you all had a great National Scrapbook Day, and that you are all avoiding the Swine Flu, or the Swan Flu as Anna calls it. :)

Have a great week!


Heather Bares said...

love the layouts Jeanne!! They are stunning!

Tina said...

Beautiful layouts.

Charlotte Cramer said...

Gorgeous Work Jeanne!!!! I really need to do a layout about myself for my children too!!!!
What a beautiful photo you took of Mathew!!!!!!