Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Life

Now that school is back in full swing, I've decided to change my routine up a bit. Normally, by the time I get the kids home from school, help the younger two get set up with snacks, then start dinner, it's sometimes 6:00 or 6:30 before I can sit down and help with homework. By this point, I'm the boys are tired and cranky, and don't want to hear the word "homework", much less cooperate and get it done. This is were it gets interesting! It has occured to me that if I cook dinner during the day while the kids are in school, I'll have plenty of time to help with homework after school. Makes sense, right? I know, it's ridiculous how clever I am! So, when I got home this morning after dropping everyone off, I got busy in the kitchen.

Tonight's dinner is looking like this.

It's a recipe called "Cajun Chicken Pasta" that I got from The Pioneer Woman's blog. It tastes pretty decent! I'm giving it a 7/10.

Now that dinner's out of the way, I get to play in my studio. You totally knew where this was going, didn't you? Anyhoo, I, like so many others, am participating in Project Life. What's that, you ask? It's the brainchild of mom and scrapbooker Becky Higgins. Project Life is an easy, quick way to create a scrapbook that captures one year in your life by taking one picture a day for 365 days. There are many things that I love about this project. It doesn't take a lot of time, it's super-simple (the Project Life kit includes an album, journaling cards and page protectors that are divided to fit your photos and the cards) and it allows the user to create a time capsule of sorts. I have been able to capture so many little details of my family's life that would otherwise be forgotten. I've taken pictures of my youngest boy's 1st grade school shoes, Valentine's Day treat bags, suitcases packed for our beach vacation, toys on the floor of our living room, etc. These are all things I want to remember. Many of these pictures were taken with my iPhone. Memory keeping doesn't get any easier! There's also a digital version of Project Life that can be completed online and printed when the year is done.

Here is what the week of August 5, 2012 looked like in the Pellerin household.

The pages sit side by side in the album so that you see one week at a time. It's a fantastic project for anyone, not only moms wanting to capture the details of daily life with children. It would be an incredible album for a high school student's senior year, for a new mom to document the first year of her baby's life, a year spent in a new city, etc. It's just so good! I can't get enough of Project Life!

I'll be back soon with more to share. I'm so glad that you stopped by!

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